Components of a Full Bar

When you have a special evening planned, you can complete the details by arranging a full bar. It is far more exciting to have a full bar elkhorn wi at your event than it is to have people bring in beer or bottles of liquor. And, the full bar will cater to every taste as it sets an impression on everyone in attendance of the event. But, exactly what is a full bar? Here are the components of a full bar. Be prepared!

Beer: Sometimes nothing is better than a cold one. Your full bar needs plenty of beer for people to enjoy who simply want to throw back a beer or two at your event.

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Liquor: Stock your bar with a bottle of rum, gin, tequila, bourbon, vodka, cognacs, and/or liquors of your choosing if you know the tastes of your crowd. Make sure the bar is well-stocked with bottles and be sure that your mixers are on hand, including triple sec and dry vermouth.

Wine: Every good host or hostess shares a bottle of wine (or two or three) with guests.  Do not exclude yourself from this tradition. Wine is a light beverage with plenty of awesome flavor that most people enjoy drinking.

Nonalcoholic Drinks: Perhaps everyone who attends the event doesn’t like to drink. Adding a selection of nonalcoholic drinks to the bar will cater to these people’s tastes without causing them to feel excluded from the fun.

Glassware: All of these delicious drinks need a place to pour. Make sure there is glassware on hand to accommodate every drinking preference. You’ll need shot glasses, rock glasses, beer mugs, and wine glasses at your bar.

Bar Tools: There are also several tools that you need on hand to cater to the event. This includes ice, a muddler, a bar spoon, a citrus press, and a cocktail shaker.