When asked if spices are gluten free, it’s a little hard to not scoff at the question. Most spices are plants of some kind, and plants are not even remotely close to flour in any way shape or form. However, fears of cross-contamination are valid, especially for those with a life threating allergy.

Be wary about what you buy

Several companies and websites often state that the package needs to be labeled as gluten free in order for it to be completely and utterly safe. By reading the label and any signs that the herbs might have been prepared in a place where gluten is present that will be the best way to keep the people with allergies safe.

By looking on the websites and looking on the packages for labels that clearly specify that the product is gluten free, then an informed decision can be made, as certain brands will often display certifications from reputable websites or organizations.

Ways to shop for spices

By using some common sense when shopping it is possible to not buy any potentially contaminated items. Avoid buying in bulk or from massive collections of spices, as contamination can happen when scooping, and keep an eye out for any imported spices.

Some countries aren’t as required to label food items as is required in the U.S, and some gluten items can be added without proper labeling.

Brands that are gluten-free

Several brands such as Durkee, frontier Co-op, and Spicely Organic Spices are all gluten free and despite some research required, a gluten-free person can put these spies on their food and keep on eating!

Gluten free spices

Gluten free spices, despite having some research and some caution involved, can be used and cooked with almost no trouble for anyone with an allergy or even a desire to make a change into the gluten-free lifestyle!